Dream Again


  • Create level blockouts within Unreal Engine 4.

  • Write narrative and script for the voice lines.

  • Collaborate with voice actor to record the voice lines.

  • Collaborate with programmers and audio designers to implement content.

About Dream Again

Dream Again is a Branching Narrative Driven game that tells a story about a Game Artist that experiences immense pressure from his work. He moves towards a remote house to get more rest, even though he keeps on working. In his dreams, the artist is harassed by his boss, who keeps shouting at him to work harder. The player has to solve the puzzle within the given time to complete the level. If he succeeds, he will go towards a comfier level, but if he fails, he is send to a more depressing level. So the game continues through 3 different puzzles. The game was made in 2 weeks.


The story is about a Game Artist, that is overworked due to the pressure at work. He moves towards a remote house to calm down. In his dreams, he is still haunted by his boss. Even in his dreams, he must continue to work. He is tasked with different assignments that he needs to complete in a given time. At first he needs to find a few drawings that he must give to his boss, then he must find his new password to his work computer, which reads: "Work Harder". The last puzzle he is shutting down his boss, by turning off phone towers. Once he completes the last task, he has "escaped" his nightmares. If he fails, he is doomed forever.

Narrative Example (11 A4)

Script “Dream Again”.pdf