Thijs Roem

Hi! My name is Thijs Roem. I am a Game Designer specializing in Gameplay and Level Design. Currently, I am working as a Junior Level Designer at Nixxes Software BV. 

My goal is to create meaningful experiences that touch the player emotionally. 

Portfolio Highlights

Ad Infinitum (2021-2023)

Current Employment - Game Designer - Horror - First Person

Dawn Of Civilization (2022)

Scripting - Mission Design - Managing Game -
3rd Person

Volition (2022)

Level Design - Narrative Design - Horror - Survival - First Person

Jigoku (2020)

Level Design - Narrative Design - 3rd Person - Soulslike

Growth (2020)

Level Design - Narrative Design - Serious Game - Two player Coop

L-44 (2019)

Level Design - Escape Room - VR - Horror




LinkedIn: Thijs Roem
Twitter: @RoemThijs
Instagram: @thijsgamedesign