You fight for your sanity and survival in the trenches of the Great War and the walls of your family home. Play a German soldier haunted by the horrors of the Great War. Terrible creatures, death traps, and insane mysteries mark your path through the battlefield. (Steam description)

Ad Infinitum is the current project of Hekate and my current employment.

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Dawn of Civilization is a Management game with a combination of Top Down and Third Person perspectives. In this single-player experience, it's the player's goal to build their own civilization from nothing. The player can build, explore, manage, experience the narrative and customize their civilization. A proof of concept was created by a team of four within a span of 6 months.

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In Volition you play as a researcher that was send to a planet to find out what happened to the first crew of researchers, who you did not hear from in a while. During your arrival you crash on the planet. Once you wake up and climb out of your burning ship, the planet looks different than you expected. You are standing inside an enormous pillar that seems to be made out of an organic and fleshy material. Right now, your goal is to survive, find out what happened to the crew and find a way off the planet.

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Jigoku is a Japanese Buddhist inspired Narrative Driven Action Adventure game. In Jigoku the player takes control over Rin, a man that has been fighting demons his entire life. Out of revenge, the demons take his wife to one of the 16 hells, so Rin decides to travel there and get her back. The game is focused on creating challenging combat in a world that feels familiar, but strange at the same time.

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Growth is a Narrative Driven Serious Game about a brother and sister. They lived together on a farm with their parents in Ethiopia, but due to the drought, their parents were deceased. They try to grow their last bit of food for their journey towards Europe. On their journey, they come across various areas, each with their own dangers. The game shows how social expectations of men and women are in these countries, and how it could be different and better.

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L-44 Is a Two-Player Co-op Experience using a mix of Virtual Reality and Real life elements. In this game, two players must escape the laboratory by finding 4 different numbers of the door code within the VR-Room. These pieces are given through puzzles. Each of the numbers has their own puzzle. It is a 20 minute experience that falls within the genre "Horror".

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In this Quest Design Study, I created a system that is based on the Quest System of Horizon: Zero Dawn. I analyzed several different quests in Horizon: Zero Dawn and created this system with the research results. With the new Quest System I created a mission, including a narrative, level design and scripting.

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Dream Again is a Branching Narrative Driven game in which you play as an overworked artist that needs to overcome his boss's voice in his head. He does this by completing tasks in his dreams. The game, which was made in only two weeks, shows how you can cope with pressure and that no problem is just "washed away".

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Innocent is a Narrative Driven Serious Game about sexual violence as part of a program to raise more awareness for victims of these acts. It is inspired by stories from real life events. The game is about a fox that is tasked the assignment to find its brother. The fox ventures through the forest, solving puzzles until it finally finds its brother. The brother, unfortunately, is dead and the fox ventures back to its family, where it's rejected. In the game the fox represents a girl, which after being rejected, ventures alone in life, only to find a last piece of hope.

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Treasure Hunted is a Action Adventure Game and came from the love of games like the Uncharted and Tomb Raider series. The idea is instead of creating a game where you steal the treasure, you protect it from treasure hunters. You, a native of this land, must capture, kill or distract the treasure hunters on your way to secure the treasure inside your temple. Using your natural platforming talents, your smart puzzle solving skills and your evasive maneuvers, you must find your way through the semi-open level.

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Game Jams

Galactic Chaos

Galactic Chaos is a small game where the player has to repair their constantly breaking space ship. My responsibilities were:

  • Design and blockout the spaceship.

  • Setdress and light the spaceship.

  • Design different interactions for repairing the spaceship.

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is is a small wholesome game in which the player plays as a girl that has to find her way home. On her way, she has to platform in the forest and evade hungry wolves. My responsibilities were:

  • Design and blockout the 2D level.

  • Setdress the forest.


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