Environmental Design


The Peaceful Woods

"It is said that only the ones with a true heart can make it through the forest. The forest is known for its silence and the calm feeling it gives the people that walk through it. It has an almost magical feeling to it, but nobody knows where it came from. Many people went into the forest to find its secrets, but none of them returned. Maybe someday the forest will bring its secrets into the world. But for now, it rests, waiting for the next untrue hearted person to walk into its shadow covered ground."

The Beast in the Cave

"During the day, he was locked up by the sunlight. It hurt his skin, burning it to his bone. Since his first encounter with sunlight, he only came out at night. He killed for blood, because it gave him life. He and his follower flew around at night, searching for the purest blood. The people that died, were found with not a drop of blood left. Everything was gone. Even though many died, he endured. He was a king. The king of the night. The king of the vampires."



I don't remember

"I don't remember clearly what happened. I know that I woke up in a forest with blood on my head and on the rock beside me. It was misty and dark, but it was not nighttime. I listened and heard... Nothing. I remember the eerie feeling around me. I started walking down the path, because there was no other way to go. After a while the mist started getting thicker. In the distance I saw someone. He was just standing there. I ran up to him, I fell and then... I don't remember what happened then."

The village

"Once the castle and the village outside the stone walls was full of life. That was before the plague. Now, most of the people are dead and there's no food left. The people that are still here, do not take kindly of outsiders in the village. Maybe you can hear them, but you will never see them. Once you see them, you're done. They will tear off your limbs, burn your ears and rip out your heart as it is still beating. I have warned you, don't go there. You will find nothing but death and despair."



Lost Remnants of an Old World

"My father told me stories of this place. A place with remnants of an old civilization. I try to imagine what it would look like. People walking around, praying to their own gods. I wonder why they're not here anymore. What would the world be like, if they were still around? Would I even be here? I have to find out what happened to them? Maybe they will help me answer my own questions about life. I just have to find the answers."

The Light in the Distance

"She was walking alone on a mountain path. It was a bright cold night. Snow fell around her as she kept walking on the path through the forest. The wind howled through the branches of the trees. Her quest brought her to this land that was unfamiliar to her. She pushed herself through a small passage between two rocks. In the distance she saw it. A bright light shining upwards from the highest mountain on the continent. It would still be days before she reached the top of the mountain. She rested by the campfire she created until she moved on. Her quest was nearing its completion."



The Mysterious Cave

"Once I heard a story about a girl that was walking in this forest. She was supposed to meet a secret lover on the other side of the forest. While she was going there, she came across a cave. From the cave she heard a low humming noise. It almost sounded like singing. The girl became curious and moved toward the cave's entrance. When she arrived at the entrance, she humming stopt for a few seconds, followed by a hard screech. She ran away, but now here we are and this is the cave."

The Mountain Path

"Yes, sir! The inn is down the path and on the right. You can't miss it! The owner is Melissa. She a bit weird, but at least the service is fine and the price is good. Just don't ask her about the stone circle, she doesn't like those questions. About the stone circle, I wouldn't go there if I were you. Many strangers that lingered there disappeared. I know we're a small village, but if you help us, we'll give you some money for the road. Please sir? Come with me! I'll show you around!"



Lost Dungeon

"Although the dungeon has not been touched for years, the torches were still lit. Books were littered everywhere, as if people left in a hurry. Going down the dungeon, it started to feel more like a church. The further I went, the more it felt like I was entering a secret society. But there was no sign of life. Not even rats or bugs. Just... No life. As I went down I came across a giant door. It break my heart that I was not able to open it. Just imagine what interesting things could be behind it."

This Old Sea

"Once, there used to be water. Water as far as the eye could see! You don't believe me? Where we're standing here today used to be filled with water. Fish swam all around these parts. Small fish, bigger fish, humongous fish! The world back then was blue, not brown. The world was a lovely place to live in. Nowadays, nobody really remembers what is was like. Maybe someday it will return to its former glory. But until that comes, we must make the best out of it. We... Will... Survive!"



All environments are made with assets from the Unreal Marketplace, with a few selfmade assets in between.