• Design 2D level layouts for the 7 levels of this game.

  • Create 3D blockouts for each of the 7 levels.

  • Design different interactions and puzzles like farming.

  • Communcate with the programmer to implement the gameplay mechanics into Unity.

  • Communicate with the art team to set dress the level according the the overal vision.

  • Write narrative elements like simple dialogue for npc's and cinematics.

  • Collaborate with voice actors for both the two main characters.

About Growth

Growth is a Narrative Driven Co-op Serious Game. It is made by a team of 9 students and was made in 8 weeks time. Players take up the roll of a brother and sister that live in Ethiopia. They have lost their parent due to the drought in the region and must work their way towards the "promised land", towards the north. The game shows how societies push sexist standards onto the different sexes and how these two children push back to create their own self.


The story is about a brother and a sister who live together on a farm in Ethiopia. In the last few years, the drought was becoming too much, killing the parents. After the burial, the brother and sister grabbed their last bit of food and set out to go towards Europe. In they way towards Europe, they come across a town that tries to force them into sexist standards, but the children push back, for which they are chased outside the village. They run away, but the boy gets hurt. After that, they care for each other, teach each other things that normally would be unacceptable to learn as a man or a woman. Together, they recover and continue their journey towards Europe.

Narrative Example (2 A4)

Script _Growth_ Example.pdf