• Design 2D-level layouts in photoshop.

  • Create blockouts for the levels in Unity.

  • Collaborate with our programmer to test and iterate on gameplay elements.

  • Collaborate with artists to setdress the levels.

About Innocent

Innocent is a Narrative Driven Serious Game about sexual violence as part of a program to raise more awareness for victims of these acts. The game is about a fox that is tasked the assignment to find its brother. The fox ventures through the forest, solving puzzles until it finally finds its brother. In the game the fox is sexually assaulted and hurt really bad. The game features a series of different environments in which the player has different goals. In the first environment, the player needs to jump across a series of platforms to continue through the level. In the second area, the emotion of the game overshadows the complexity of the gameplay. In the last area, the player needs to follow a series of lights through a dark forest, avoiding dark spirits of depression.


The story is about a fox, that is tasked with finding her brother. The fox represents the girl that we meet later in the story. The fox starts on her journey through an open area and a forest. Here she jumps her way through the open area. After she crosses the river, she finds her little brother, but he is dead. The wolf that killed the brother attacks the fox from behind. She wakes up, damaged and scarred. She walks back home, not having the strength to take her brother with her. She is outcast by her family, so she ventures further alone. We meet the girl when the fox vanishes. The girl walks through a forest in the middle of the night, fighting her depression. When she leaves the forest and walks up a hill, the sun begins to rise. At the top of the hill, next to a tree, she meets a fox, her last piece of hope.