• Design 2D level layouts for the 2 levels via Photoshop (see below).

  • Blockout the 2 levels within Unreal Engine 4 (see below).

  • Design the narrative about Japanese Folklore.

  • Communicate with artists about what was needed for the environment.

About Jigoku

Jigoku is an Adventure Game focused around Combat and Narrative. The game is made by 10 students in 8 weeks time. In the game, Rin, a male Ryoshi (demon hunter) loses his wife to the revenge from demons. She is taken to one of the 16 Buddhist hells, so Rin decides to travel to this hell to get her back. He fights off demons and a boss to rescue her, but ultimately was never able to save her.


Rin is a 31 year old man that has been fighting demons from the hells for his entire life. Now he lives on a farm with his daughter and wife. Out of revenge, the demons take his wife to one of the hells, Huna. Rin decides to fight his way to and through the hell to save her. He ultimately kills her by accident, condemning her forever. His daughter was left with some other demon hunters, training her entire live to find and save her father.

Narrative Example

Script _Jigoku_ Intro Cinematic.pdf

Level Design Document

Jigoku Level Design Portfolio.pdf