• Design and prototype puzzles for an Escape Room like experience (see below).

  • Create the level design for Virtual Reality.

  • Communicate with the programmer on the implementation of puzzles.

  • Communicate with artists about the assets needed for the puzzles.

  • Collaborate with the Environment Artists to setdress the environment.

About L-44

L-44 is a Horror Escape Room game in which two players need to work together to escape the room. One player is wearing a VR headset, the other has a computer screen and a physical board in front of him. Together, they need to collect the four numbers of the key code of the door by completing puzzles within the room.

Level Design Document (2 A4)

L-44 Level Design Document Portfolio.pdf


In LAB-44, a lot of scientific experiments were conducted on humans. They were trying to enhance the human body. So far, everything went well, until one day the virus that they injected into some human test subjects mutated. These test subjects changed into monsters, killing almost everyone in the facility. Two people survived, one test subject who hadn't been tested on and a guard, who locked himself in a surveillance room, trying to stay alive as long as possible. The air in the facility is slowly running out and if they don't leave soon, they will die.